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I have been organizing creative workshops since 2017.

It started as a volunteer at Unter-Druck, a homeless shelter in Berlin. In collaboration with Czentrifuga and photographer / artist Ron Gerlach, we provided a creative afternoon every week. From making collages, screen printing postcards, binding your own book, to painting and drawing. It was all 

discussed in consultation with the participants.

I think it is important that art is accessible to everyone. In both, creation and admiration. This is how the workshops are structured. You really don't have to be mega creative and certainly not a great artist to achieve really great results. Just do it. The combination of working intuitively with (recyclable) available materials. athmosphere management, connecting with others through collaboration and personal attention makes the workshop everytime a YEAH!

Creating together, that's where magic happens!

Get out of your head, play and experiment with a new technique. And in the meantime you learn

another craft. How cool is that?


Back from Berlin, I continued the silk-screen printing workshops for students from various courses of the creative industry at the MBO Rijn IJssel college. A number of these are in collaboration with Museum Arnhem.

Since the end of 2020 I have also been active with open workshops and workshops among the homeless in Arnhem. I would love to keep expanding this. 

Are you looking for an accessible, but still challenging creative workshop? As a social project, teambuilding, daytime activity, activity in youth work, community center, in the classroom or as homeschooling. Groups and individuals! Don't hesitate contacting me, tell me your plan and how I can contribute!
You can think of; various printing techniques (on paper or textile), ceramics,collage, stopmotion, drawing/painting, photography.

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