Education, Exhibitions, Publications & Projects


2014-2018 educated to media designer

Art & Design at Rijn IJssel College Arnhem

2009  photography course

Volksuniversiteit Arnhem

1999-2002 MAVO

Lorentz College Arnhem


Pablo Delfos Photographer

Arno Arts

Kevin Rijnders Photographer

Czentrifuga collective Berlin


2020- Selection of photographs in the serie 'VAGA in lockdown'

           Group exhibition with Czentrifuga in Salon 36, Kreuzberg,

           for Vagabundkongress  2020

2019- Selection of my video work showed on screen

           Group exhibition with Czentrifuga at BOSH Festival Gevgelija (North Macedonia)

2019- Solo exhibition  

           Selection of my portraitphotography at DOT-hair, Arnhem (NL)

2019- Collaboration with Bernadien Wels

           Installation of body-objects and photography @ B53

           exhibition space for modern art Arnhem

2019- Solo exhibition.

           Selection of my work in different media at Dutch Harbour tattoo & art gallery Nijmegen. 

2018- Photoserie (installation) "Eye-Candy" 

           group exhibition at Fashion & Design Festival Arnhem 2018

2017- Collage 'Equality, under construction'  for feministic calendar 'Auf die Barrikaden 1968-2018'

            group exhibition at galerie La Girafe Berlin

2017- Video & photography 'Czentrifuga @ Tropicana Dreams'

            exhibition at galerie Neon Kunst Berlin

2017- Video  'after movie Berlin2017'

             (assignment for RijnIJssel college Arnhem) collaboration with Lara Bitter

2017- Video installation 'May your compassion be stronger than your appetite"'

            group exhibition at Elektrum Arnhem

2017- Collage / assemblage  'Object Arnhem Centraal'

            group exhibition at Elektrum Arnhem

2016- Video installation  'Disconexxion'

            group exhibition at VM23 Arnhem

2016- Videoclip & photography 'Berlin'  in association with my dad (musician) 

            group exhibition at Rijn IJssel Arnhem

2016- Childrensbook 'koken voor opscheppers'

            group exhibition at Rozet Library Arnhem

2015- Video installation  '420 Yayo'

            group exhibition at Rijn IJssel Arnhem


2017- Silkscreen project 'step across the border'

            collaborative publishing with Centrifuga Berlin

2016- Silkscreen in limited edition book 'World on fire'

 collaborative publication with  Czentrifuga Berlin


2016- Singlecover MAAN, "ride it"'

2015- Photobook "Eye-Candy 60hours of selfiegraphy"

2015- Portraits in magazine "de reis van de heldin"

2014- Photography Edwim Peters in "#NAK Arnhem"

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2020 Screen-print workshops

Also at homeless association "Stichting Kruispunt" in my homecity Arnhem,

I started to give creative workshops. 

2019 - now;Screen-print workshops

Since the end of 2018,with a lot of joy,

I'll be giving screen-print workshops to students of the

creative studies at Rijn IJssel College Arnhem (NL) 

2018- Czentrifuga x Rijn IJssel

In collaboration with Marciana and Czentrifuga, commissioned by Rijn IJssel
creative studies, I organized a one week event with exhibitions and workshops
at the headquarter of the Fashion & Design Festival Arnhem.
'Jeder kann mitmachen' mentality and zero-waste mindset where 'trending topics'. Also as  collaborating, exchange workflow, knowledge and awareness.

2018- Step across the border
in collaboration with Marciana,Czentrifuga, Unter-druck Berlin

and Rijn IJssel creative studies Arnhem we organized an Erasmus + supported 

2 week program in Berlin for MBO students. 

In this project I was responsible for helping to set up the program.

Facilities and communication; intern & social media.

I also gave 2 photography workshops myself

and was assisting supervisor for a group of 80 students. 

2018- Step across the border

A 3 year European Erasmus +  supported  exchange project in London, Marseille and Berlin.

Focused on and committed to socially marginalised people.

Homelessness, refugees and the LGBTQIA community. 

In this project I was mainly responsible for documentation.

But also actively participated in all the workshops and exchanges.

(click here to see the SATB videos) 

2017- Unter-Druck

Unter-Druck is a homeless association in Berlin Wedding,

sister organization / collective of Czentrifuga.

For 5 months, every once a week I gave creative workshop there

in collaboration with Ron Gerlach.

Besides that I helped a lot with organizing other cultural/creative events to collect

money for homeless and socially marginalised people.