some used to call me candy, others call me ratata, renata

or miss rey. my parents gave me the beautiful name renate koning. 

but since lockdown 2020 i start to say royal_trailertrash.

I am like a straycat. the past years i was always vagabumming and couch-surfing around,  until i was the lucky one to be able to jump out of the cities during a pandemic and 'squat' a pretty little red caravan in a very nice place. i live as an artist. poor, depressed, inspired, obsessed, happy, rebellious, open and amazed. i feel rich. waking up every day with the possibility to create something

is pure magic! 

i've never wanted to set base. i feel home everywhere and nowhere but every day a bit more in myself.  to be able to work as an artist, i actually needed a place to work. in the same summer 2020, with help from some good friends, i build my own 'tiny' daylight atelier. next to the red caravan. a few square meters on wheels at this planet where i can work freely and what i can call 'mine'.  ready for next creation.

check out here!


What inspires me??

Oooh! Everything! The smell of spring, vagabondisme, things that move by a breeze, ugly vintage furniture, geometric shapes, images from the 70’s and 80’s, consumption, imperfection, out of bed looks, world problems, ice-cream, Pablo Delfos, jawline, glitter, boys who aren’t afraid to show their feminine, ugly sweaters, old buildings, a beautiful covered torso, boysboys, cigarettes, Nan Goldin, snapshots, architecture, subcultures, nature, love, camping, women, ugly leggings, junkfood, music, Czentrifuga, animal behavior, unpolished, weird people, nost algia, the  entire nation, a bouquet of wildflowers, contrast,  little  villages in  South  European countries, poems, spirituality, Francesca Woodman, instagram, spirituality, dry grass and hayfields, French kissing, shaky hand-held recordings, moving around, the underdog, salades, tanned girls in silk dusters, female characters in movies as Léon and Pulp Fiction, home-video’s, 420, hot weather, trash, long cuddles, palmtrees, socialist modernism, David Bowie, bohemian, not wearing a bra, freckles, a genuine smile, the candor of a child, Berlin, sport socks with colored borders, soft sunlight, Arno Arts, the smell in a metro-station, baby-animals, tattoos, yoga, funny people, veganism, paper and cardboard......